Price for Everyone

We think that people should not have to pay more than a cup of coffee for good software. It's 2023, service space is affordable and so should software.

$7 /month
Prefect for Anyone
  • Unlimited Storage (40mb per file)
  • No email required for reviewers

Get Approval Proof

Once the receiver approves the file, you will get an approval receipt, so you have proof that the file was approved. No more back and forth, he-said, she-said.

If they can use Google, they can approve a file.

File Approved is so easy, anyone can approve a file. There aren’t a lot of complicated features to learn or use, just either comment on the file or approve it. That’s it! With a simple interface, no file-versioning, and instant approval, it is the quickest and easiest way to get files approved by anyone!

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